What Not to Mix with Tequila

What Not to Mix with Tequila

If you are one of those who like to taste a good tequila, you should avoid certain mixtures. As with any alcoholic beverage, it is essential to drink responsibly, know your personal limits and make informed decisions to enjoy tequila in a conscious way. We are going to give you tips to enjoy a truly gratifying experience and know why you should never mix tequila with certain things.

Enjoy the Experience: Learn What not to Mix with Tequila

In this list, we’ll discover what not to mix with tequila to keep its authentic essence and enjoy this iconic Mexican drink:

Don’t Mix Tequila with Wine

Wine tends to be smoother and less aggressive to the stomach compared to tequila, and if we want to enjoy both drinks, we recommend drinking them at separate times. This type of blending is best done by a professional who can find the perfect balance.

Beer Go Bad with Tequila

The combination of tequila and beer can be dangerous. Both drinks have different levels of alcohol, which can lead to a more rapid and unpleasant intoxication. In addition, the mixture can cause stomach upset and an intense hangover. Tequila has that agave kick and that sparkling spiciness, while beer is smooth and sometimes even sweet. Mixing them is like trying to put Batman and Superman in the same costume, they just don’t fit.

Don’t Mix Milk or Dairy Products with Tequila

Tequila with milk or any dairy product can upset your stomach. From a digestive standpoint, your stomach could turn into a washing machine in spin mode. Tequila, with its high alcohol content, does not go well with milk and your body is likely to let you know in the worst possible way.

Energy Drinks

Combining tequila with energy drinks can be dangerous, as the caffeine masks the effects of the alcohol, which can lead you to drink in excess without realizing it. Let’s enjoy tequila at its best and energy drinks when we need an energy boost. But, for the sake of our health and sanity, let’s let each shine separately.

Cola or Carbonated Beverages

Avoid mixing tequila with cola or any other carbonated beverage. Tequila already has enough personality to shine on its own, and mixing it with such a sweet, effervescent beverage could mask its unique flavors, as well as lead to a feeling of heaviness and upset stomach.

The Essence of Tequila: Enjoying in its Pure Authenticity

Avoiding these blends invites us to enjoy tequila in its purity, appreciating its authentic flavor and connecting with the tradition and richness of Mexican culture. By choosing to savor tequila without blends, we choose the essence of this iconic drink and live a more plenary experience, an essence that has been carefully cultivated over the centuries by master tequila makers and producers who respect the tradition and art of its elaboration. why complicate ourselves and risk spoiling this unique experience? Enjoy Olmeca Altos in its purest version.