What Mixes with Tequila?

What Mixes with Tequila?

Tequila is a drink that is traditionally consumed unmixed. This is usually the case of aged tequila, which is recommended to be tasted alone to enjoy its flavor and aroma notes, matured by the long time of resting in barrels. On the other hand, within the cocktail culture, the ideal tequila to mix is the reposado, white or silver tequila. If you want to know what mixes well with tequila, we tell you below.

tequila anejo that you can mix or not

What Mixes Well with Tequila?

If you are just starting to taste this Mexican liquor and you are wondering what goes good with tequila, we recommend you to start by trying the iconic experience of accompanying it with salt and lemon. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Fill a shot glass with a room-temperature reposado or añejo tequila.
  • Prepare a slice of lime and hold it in one hand.
  • Run your tongue around the outside of the hand holding the lime, and pour the salt so it sticks to your skin.
  • Enjoy: Lick the salt off your hand, take the shot all at once and bite the lemon.

There are also drinks that can help mitigate the explosive effect of tequila in your mouth and throat until you are able to enjoy tequila without any accompaniment:

Orange Juice and Orange Liqueur

Essential for the elaboration of cocktails with citric notes. It can be found in famous cocktails such as the Paloma.

Lemon juice

Provides that touch of bitterness that blends perfectly with white tequila. It is included in popular cocktails such as the Margarita.

juice and tequila mix

Cola soda

This mixture is known in Mexico as Charro Negro.

Sparkling water or tonic

If you add a touch of lime juice, the result is a fresh Ranch Water.

More Drinks that you Can Mix with Tequila

Tequila can also be used to mix with alcoholic beverages. Some of them are:


Base ingredient for the elaboration of the famous Michelada.

White rum

Used to create the Acapulco at night.


Proposed mixture to prepare the Tequini

Another Drinks that Goes Good with Tequila

The most popular is the sangrita, a non-alcoholic drink composed of orange juice, lemon, tomato and grenadine. As its name implies, it has a red color, and there are two variants:

  • Classic Sangrita: This is the most popular version and has a spicy touch provided by tabasco.
  • Sweet Sangrita: It has a slight touch of cayenne and chili.

There are also other drinks with which you can drink tequila, such as lemonade or mineral or sparkling water.

You may also wonder what tequila can be mixed with. Although this drink was originally drunk on its own, it is now known worldwide for its great versatility when it comes to combining it with other ingredients.

Why Olmeca Altos?

The popularity that tequila has been gaining in the cocktail culture has developed the creation of numerous classic and contemporary cocktails. Its versatility makes it the ideal complement to create a multitude of cocktails.