We Care

We Care Manifesto

We Care Manifesto

Altos’ mission is to produce a tequila of the highest quality while taking care of the planet and its people. For us, sustainability is not only about reducing our waste or reusing our trash. It is a lifestyle that requires meaningful, shifts in our day-to-day lives. It’s not about perfection, but about a commitment to care and continually improve.

Here is what Altos deeply cares about:

Our Planet

We care about our land

We encourage traditional, sustainable production methods to ensure long-term crops by allowing agaves to mature, hand-cutting them, and practicing crop rotation.

We care about the footprint of our production process

We measure every step of the production process to optimize all resources with a special focus on water, energy C02, and waste. Our distillery recycles 99% of all its solid waste, and we are investing in the research of innovative uses for agave bagasse to give it a useful second life.

We care about eco-design

We believe in continually challenging the designs of our packaging to lower its environmental impact. Altos’ iconic bottle was redesigned to reduce the glass weight of the bottle by 20%, which resulted in a reduction of 20% of CO2 emissions.

Our People

We care about our internal and external collaborators

We are proud of being part of the tequila industry that creates more than 6,000 employments and pays 3.5 times the minimum wage in Mexico. We work closely with our suppliers to assure fair wages and good job conditions are present throughout our entire value chain.

We care about the communities in the Tequila region

We take special consideration for those living in marginalized communities in the Tequila region. Started in 2017, Altos Huichol project has impacted 65 artisans increasing their family income by 2.5 times and improving access to water for the whole community.

We care about our bartender community

Tahona Society is a program designed to educate bartenders in agave spirits categories, promote career opportunities, enhance community networking, and encourage life balance & health practices. In 2018, we launched the first-ever industry-wide competition of the industry centered on social and sustainable values, and the Henry Besant Scholarship to support bartenders at the beginning of their career.