Discover If it is Possible for Tequila to Go Bad

Discover If it is Possible for Tequila to Go Bad

Does tequila expire? No, it does not. Your shelf bottle of tequila will not expire as long as you keep it hermetically sealed, that is, just as you bought it. In this way, like all other distilled beverages, it does not expire, nor does it lose its properties, nor is its flavor altered. And no matter which tequila we are talking about, whether Reposado, Añejo or Plata, none of them expires (if you don’t know the difference, you may be interested in this article about it).

But once you have that sorted out you may have other questions, how should I store my tequila to make sure it doesn’t spoil? Once opened, how long does it last without going bad? Why should I choose Olmeca Altos and not other brands?

tequila shelf life after opening

Best Way to Store Tequila

First of all, you should keep your bottle in a cool place. If you expose tequila to continuous heat you run the risk of it spoiling and having to discard it. Avoid direct sunlight. Once you have consumed part of the bottle and want to store the rest, you can choose to change the bottle for a smaller one that allows a hermetic seal.

In any case, that a tequila has spoiled means that its alcohol has evaporated or even that it has lost part of its aroma or flavor. It is very difficult for this drink to be so damaged that it could pose a health risk, related to bacteria or various parasites. A tequila that has lost some of these properties, although not ideal, can still be used, although the final result of your cocktails will not be the same. In the case of Olmeca Altos, being a premium tequila, we obviously want to avoid this loss and fully enjoy its quality.

open tequila shelf life

Once Tequila is Opened, it Can Be Go Bad

Once we have opened the bottle of tequila we will begin to lose the alcohol inside it and its properties will degrade. Ideally, you should consume any bottle of alcohol in less than a year after opening it, but in the case of tequila the ideal is about 2 months, more considering its complexity of flavor. But remember, what really happens is that it loses quality, it does not become a harmful food.

In addition, another thing to keep in mind is that we should not put it in the refrigerator or even in the freezer. If we do so we will start to lose quality in the freezer. The best thing to do is to keep it in the same place where we store it: a dry, cool place without direct sunlight.

Why Olmeca Altos

Very simple, because we are talking about quality. Because when we make the effort to store our bottle correctly, we do it for quality. When once we open the bottle we care about it, we do it for quality. If it loses aroma, flavor, properties in general, we are talking about quality. And if you are talking about quality, then you are talking about Olmeca Altos.

Enjoy our tequilas, have a premium enjoyment.