Altos Margarita Ready to Serve Strawberry

🍓 Altos Ready to Serve: Your Home's Strawberry Margarita Go To! 🍓

Transform any moment into a celebration with Altos Ready to Serve Strawberry Margarita! Crafted from the finest Altos Plata tequila, it's a bar-quality indulgence made easy – just pour over ice, garnish, and relish.

🏔️ From Highland Harvest: Handpicked highland agaves from Los Altos, kissed by the sun at 7000 ft, create a smooth, sterling tequila base.

✨ Pure Strawberry Bliss: Infused with ripe strawberries, each sip transports you to the scenic Jalisco Highlands, a journey in every taste.

Embark on this exquisite adventure today – order now and let the strawberry Margarita magic begin! 🎉✨

Add your own spin to our Altos Ready to Serve Margarita


Spicy jalapeños really bring the heat to our Altos Margarita don’t forget to rim the glass with salt to balance the flavors.


Sharp and acidic pineapple chunks deliver an extra layer of fruity goodness, perfectly complementing the lime and orange flavors in every bottle.


For summer drinking, add some fresh peach slices to your Altos Margarita. The sweet and sour flavor of the peach works perfectly, and those slices absorb the cocktail…

Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade thickens the texture and packs even more flavor into this delicious Ready to Serve drink. Just a spoonful will do if you are looking to get creative with your cocktail.


Altos Margarita already tastes great, but with the addition of fresh herbs like mint, basil or thyme, you can add new dimensions to its flavor profile.

Date night ideas to enjoy your premade margarita

The reels have spoken and tonight, you and your partner will be enjoying (activity) together. This will take place (location) and the theme for your dress code will be (attire).

If you think this may be difficult, get creative to make it happen, if things go wrong, the better your date night memories could be.