Altos Huichol: Limited edition

Huichol art is one of the most well-known inside and outside Mexico. It is produced by the Huichol people, who live in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit in Mexico. The unifying trademark of their work is the colorful decorations that use symbols and designs in chaquira (small beads) to represent key aspects of their […]

We Care Manifesto

Altos’ mission is to produce a tequila of the highest quality while taking care of the planet and its people. For us, sustainability is not only about reducing our waste or reusing our trash. It is a lifestyle that requires meaningful, shifts in our day-to-day lives. It’s not about perfection, but about a commitment to […]

Energy Saving Tequila

When it comes to energy in Altos Tequila distillery we measure everything, that way we keep optimizing and improving our sustainable energy strategies. We have implemented simple ways such as using natural lighting in our workspaces and insulating all the piping where we transfer the steam, which has been a big benefit for the reduction of […]

Taking Care Of The Family: Tahona Society

Tahona Society is a collective of spirit makers and bartenders formed in 2009 to educate in agave spirits categories, promote career opportunities, enhance community networking, and encourage life balance & health practices. After 9 years of existence and 7 cocktail competitions, our key challenge was to change the concept of “another” cocktail competition in the […]

Waste Management

At Altos, we compost 3,900 tons of organic waste per year, and 99% of all the solid waste in our distillery is recycled. In fact, the total amount of non-recycled material that we generate per month could fit inside the trunk of a car. Moreover, we believe in finding ways to give a second life to […]

Eco-Designing Altos Iconic Bottle

Eco-design consists of integrating sustainable practices over the design and development of products and packaging to minimize negative environmental impact during the life cycle of a product. A product life cycle includes design, production, distribution, use, and disposal of the product. Thinking in how we can reduce the environmental footprint we have in each phase […]

The Sustentable Tequila

This is What We Do Altos has been recognized by industry publications, such as The Spirit Business, for its focus on sustainable practices, for our work in our distillery. We compost 1,700 tons of waste, have reduced 16.45% water consumption and achieved recycle 97% of our solid waste.  Altos’ mission is to produce a tequila […]